New defibrillator at Darwell Hole

Defibrillator opposite Darwell Hole car park

Brightling now has a second defibrillator, opposite the car park at Darwell Hole (the first one is on the wall of the Village Hall).  This was purchased by the Parish Council and installed at no cost by Chris French.

Do not hesitate these defibrillators if an occasion arises.  No training is necessary.  The device speaks to you to tell you what to do.  It will not administer a shock unless it detects an abnormal heart rhythm that requires one.

The defibrillator should be used in conjunction with CPR. However don’t let this put you off; if you dial 999 first (as you should) the emergency operator will talk you through CPR if needed.  You can also prepare yourself in advance by viewing the excellent information on the British Heart Foundation website, which includes a training video.  If you want to take it further, the BHF also offers a free two-hour face-to-face training course open to all members of the public.  This covers various life-saving techniques including CPR.  Or just watch any episode of Casualty.

A striking statistic from the BHF: In Norway, where CPR is taught to all pupils in school, one in four people survive a cardiac arrest.  In the UK, the comparable figure is 1 in 10.