Motorbike invasion

There are some areas in Brightling where the arrival of Spring is heralded not just by the singing of birds and the buzzing of bees but by the roaring of motorbikes on the B2096 through Netherfield, down to Darwell Crossroads and on up to Woods Corner, Dallington and beyond .

Whilst no one wants to curtail the enjoyment of motorcycle enthusiasts, those of us who live within earshot – and it is surprising just how far the noise travels – are pretty fed up with having the peace and quiet of our Sundays and bank holidays spoiled by the less considerate motorcyclists who get a thrill from modified, noisy exhaust systems.

It is not just us of course, because horses and livestock grazing along the route can find the racket pretty alarming too. Quite apart from the noise, it can feel you are taking your life in your hands as you attempt to pull out onto the main road at the Darwell junction due to the speed at which these bikes can suddenly appear.

What can be done? The police encourage the public to report anti-social driving via their website However, to do this successfully, you need to supply the registration number of the vehicles involved – and on NO account do we want to encourage anyone to stand on the side of the B2096 attempting to take photos of oncoming traffic with their phones.

The Parish Council has consulted The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership about the problem. They say the best thing would be for us to log as much information as possible in order for them to build up a picture which, with their help, will strengthen our case to get police monitoring. It’s not an easy task, but for the two months of June and July, if you are aware of problem motorbikes, please do try and count the number of bikes, time of day and the date and email the information to me at The more information we can gather, the better.

We are also hopeful of arranging a visit by a Sussex Safer Roads representative and have put in a request for some ‘We Are Watching You’ signs along this stretch which, in some small way, might act as a deterrent.

Judy Petty, Brightling Parish Council