More Cancellations

We have not yet had official notification from the Pageant Master that VE75 is cancelled, but we think we can all assume it will be. The same obviously goes for the village picnic, but do not despair;  we have a solution.

In the May Messenger there will be a VE75 themed quiz for you to complete and submit to us. All the senders of the correct answers will go into a hat and we will pick one out to be the winner who will be the recipient of some small prize.  We are also suggesting that everyone stands in their front gardens at 3 p.m. and sing God Save the Queen loud enough for Her Majesty to hear at Windsor.  We can’t just let the plans go to waste.

Regarding the picnic,  again we are suggesting that you have a picnic in your own garden on the 7th June and then send a picture by email to us from which we will make up a collage and it will go into the next Messenger.

Events to bring us together yet abiding by the sensible regulations.

Jane and Geoffrey