Library services

As well as the library building (nearest public library is in Battle) there are a couple of other ways that you can borrow books, audios and magazines from East Sussex library services.

The “E-library”

You can “borrow” books and magazines from the East Sussex library by downloading them to your computer or tablet.

The mobile library

The East Sussex mobile library visits Brightling every 3 weeks, stopping outside the Village Hall.

Visits are on Tuesdays, between 1.35 pm and 2.00 pm

The dates for 2017 are:

Tuesday 18 Apr 2017
Tuesday 9 May 2017
Tuesday 30 May 2017
Tuesday 20 Jun 2017

The following dates are provisional:

Tuesday 11 Jul 2017
Tuesday 1 Aug 2017
Tuesday 22 Aug 2017
Tuesday 12 Sep 2017
Tuesday 3 Oct 2017
Tuesday 24 Oct 2017
Tuesday 14 Nov 2017
Tuesday 5 Dec 2017


One thought on “Library services”

  1. Do you read book reviews to help you make a decision on your next read? If you do, come and join the mobile library, borrow books and write about any you like and send details to Jane Beard at to help and encourage others to come along and boost membership for this valuable local service.


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