Free magazines

Homes and Gardens Front Cover
Homes and Gardens – just one of a large number of magazines available on-line, free of charge, throught the East Sussex eLibrary service

Would you like to read a whole range of weekly magazines as soon as they come out, either in your own home or anywhere in the world, for free?  Well, if you have an East Sussex Library card, you can.  The range of magazines available is pretty large; much too long to list but here are a few: Amateur Gardening, Top Gear, Cosmpolitan, New Scientist, Countryfile, National Geographic, Raspi and Q Magazine.  Check out The Economist, and if that leads to mental exhaustion you can relax witth Viz.  If Knitting and Crochet isn’t your thing, you about Homes and Gardens?

If you have an East Sussex Library card, it takes just moments to register for the new service and you can be reading the latest issue of your favourite magazine within moments.  Just visit and then “Create new account”.

There is no huge form to fill in, just your library card number.  Once registered you can read all these magazines whenever or wherever you like.

These are digital magazines, or as the web site calls them: eMagazines.  The reading experience is slightly different to the physical magazine; the eMagazine is less well-adapted to reading in the bath, lining the cat litter tray, or lighting the fire.  On the other hand they are free, they can be read during your Australian holiday without having to lug them with you, and you can browse the back numbers without cluttering up your house with huge piles of magazines.

This is all part of the eLibrary service, and this is the other side of the coin of library closures.  It is hard to imagine how reductions in the physical library service can be entirely stopped, so perhaps what we should be doing is embracing and enjoying this alternative (and in some respects better) way of accessing our reading material.  Perhaps, too, we should be thinking about how best to help those who need help to shift from the physical to the digital service?  Food for Thought.  There is also an eBook service with over 5000 books available to “borrow” on-line.