Free digital helpline

Message received Sarah Collyer at

I am working on a Digital Inclusion project across Sussex (funded by the National Lottery) to help reduce isolation in the community due to lack of digital skills.  We have just launched a new free helpline 0808 196 5883 and I wondered if you had anyone in your parish who would benefit from some 1:1 help remotely with digital skills?   If they phone the helpline and leave a brief message with details of the help they need, we will assign a friendly volunteer to call them back and assist them.  There is no charge for this service.

We all recognise how isolating the pandemic has been for many within our society.  Accessing our basic needs from ordering groceries, making doctors’ appointments and claiming benefits has all moved online.  Being online can also mean chatting with your loved ones and being lifted by the smile of familiar faces.  Once online you can also explore your hobbies and open up a whole new world in a safe environment.