Footpath near Little Hollingrove Farm

The path that runs up the hill past Little Hollingrove Farm towards the Tower is a cause of concern. It is one of our more popular footpaths and in late winter (and other times) it becomes almost impossible to use due to running water. There are still in existence many remnants of Brightling’s original water supply network prior to the arrival of mains water – an elaborate arrangement of ponds, drains, “dipping holes,” sluices and bungs – all now defunct obviously but still partly in existence and partly blocked. This can cause water to start outpouring in surprising places – the regular show of water across the road between Hollingrove Farm and Twelve Oaks may have the same explanation. This is the cause, many people believe, of the problems with this path.

The solution is not going to lie in patching up the path with a load of stone. The underlying problem needs to be solved by finding a route for the water that does not wash the path away. As a first step, we are seeing if we can get someone from the East Sussex Rights of way team to come and have a look. Until we know what that solution is, it seems to me, there is no point in speculating about how much it might cost or who might pay for it, but it does occur to me that it could be a case for a community project. If we do get a meeting with the Rights of Way team I will try and publicize it so that others can attend.

You can see a very nice map by going here and searching for “Hollingrove”.