Footpath upgraded

Footpath “Brightling 17B” has now been thoroughly upgraded by the East Sussex County Council’s rights of way team, as a direct result of requests on behalf of Brightling Parish Council.

Matthew Harper, ESCC Principal Rights of Way Officer, wrote to us on 24th May 2018:

Surface water is probably run-off from adjacent fields
Pipe outlet now unblocked and protected by sandbags

Our Maintenance Team attended to investigate the issues and discovered a large drainage pipe, which was not visible to us on our inspection.  The pipe sits below another pipe we had seen and is shown in the attached ‘Photo 1’ with new sandbags now protecting the outlet.  It had evidently become quite blocked, but the team has cleared it and it now looks to be flowing well.

As you can see from ‘Photo 2’  the Team also installed a catchment chamber to divert the flow we had concluded was probably a spring emerging alongside the pond.    They have also laid new stone over the whole area.

You can see in the second photo that there is still some water on the surface, but the Team reports that this looks to be trickling our from the field on the right further up the path.  So potentially a different source, but hopefully only one which is only delivering run-off from the downpours in the last 24 hours.

We’ll have to wait and see, but it looks like the situation should be improved.

This follows a meeting on 10th April, arranged by the Parish council.  The fact that there was a good turnout at the meeting probably helped to encourage the Rights of Way team to take action.

A Brightling resident displays section of tree root found blocking the pipe
Work in progress