History of Dallington Forest talk at Dallington Old School (Village Hall)

10th March 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dallington Forest – A Personal History

 Nestling like a jewel between the parishes of Brightling, Burwash and Dallington lies Dallington Forest, much of it ancient and all of it special.

 Doug Edworthy, Tree Champion (Warden) for the parishes of Brightling and Dallington, takes you on a tour of history that stretches from the formation of the High Weald through to the present day and beyond.

 On the way, we’ll see how the landscape of the High Weald came about; how the first people to colonise the area began to shape the forest; how prehistoric big beasts created species-rich woodland pasture; how the Neolithic farmers gave us many of the area’s place names and today’s road and routes; how under Saxon and Norman ownership it became a royal hunting forest; how in Roman and Tudor/early Stuart times it was a major ironworking area; and how land use has changed over time but the ancient woodland studded with ancient and veteran trees still exists.

 Doug will finish by looking at the challenges our forest is facing today and what its future might be.