Small electrical items now recyclable through weekly roadside collection in Rother

Residents in Rother can now recycle their old and broken small electricals from home.

Old, unwanted small electrical items are one of the fastest growing waste streams in the UK. In a concerted effort to tackle this growing challenge, the East Sussex Joint Waste Collection Partnership joined forces with Material Focus to set up the small electrical item recycling scheme as part of the Recycle Your Electricals campaign.

The scheme allows residents in Rother, Wealden and Hastings to recycle everything with a plug, battery or cable from home. Items should be placed into a standard-size carrier bag, and placed on top of either the waste or recycling bin on collection day.

We are urging that batteries are removed where possible and placed into a separate bag. This is due to the serious fire risk that they pose.

Rother’s website has more information about the recycling collections.


Deborah Kenneally

Neighbourhood Services Manager, Rother District Council

01424 787537

Examples of things that can be left out for recycling:

  • phones
  • remote controls
  • electronic toys
  • hair dryers
  • kettles
  • irons
  • radios

.. and worth noting that you can put them out on either black bin or green bin day.