Welcome to our new village community web site

If you are reading this, then you will know that we now have our new web site up and running under its new domain name: brightling.community

We chose the .community TLD (top-level domain) to emphasize that this is a web site for the whole Brightling community.

There is also contains a calendar of village events, which is linked to the web site.

The new site is fully mobile-, smartphone- and tablet-friendly.

As mentioned before, the idea is that various people within the village will be able to add stuff to the web site without having to go through a single central controlling person. For example, the vicar adds details of church services. So, if you are running a village organization or event and you would like access to the calendar and/or the web site, just ask. You will be given a password and any necessary technical support – it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it.

The events listing is at brightling.community/events/ Anything that anyone puts in the calendar will appear here.

It is early days for the web site in its new format. Any feedback, suggestions, advice etc will be gratefully received (you can use the “Leave a Reply” box below).