Church organ

There was a lively and well-attended meeting in the Village Hall on 10th October 2017. Mr Jeremy Meager of Viscount Organs demonstrated a Viscount Envoy organ as a possible new organ for Brightling church. Many questions were asked and answered and I think it is fair to say that people were generally reassured by what they heard, both as to the answers to the questions and as to the sound of the instrument itself (and its appearance, come to that). My only regret is that the volume was turned down a bit. Unlike Nigel of Spinal Tap, we never got to 11. But as Jeremy said: there is no such thing as a loud organ, only a loud organist. Details of the proposed organ can be seen (and heard!) on the Viscount Organs web site at and if you do go to that website, the particular model that we heard was the Envoy 23-S, with additional speakers. The website also has a truly fascinating set of videos explaining how it all works.

I have also learned a little more about Percy G Beard, the maker of the existing downstairs organ, but this seems like a bit of a red herring now that it is clear what its problems are. Also, in the course of this research, I have got distracted (as one does) by fascinating facts about Brightling’s other organ: the barrel organ. But I shall have to save these for another post.