Choral evensong at Brightling church Sunday 21st June 2015

stamp.phpIn addition to Jenny’s message below, please be informed that if you wish to join in – ie come and sing along with the choir – you are welcome to do so if you turn up to the rehearsal which starts in the church at 3:30pm. For non-participants, it starts at 6:00pm

I would give the name of the choir but I haven’t been able to come up with that information.

Here is Jenny’s message:

Waterloo celebrations continue in Brightling on Sunday 6pm. Peels of the church bells, donated by Jack Fuller will be rung, choral evensong will be followed by cheese and wine in the Village Hall. All are welcome to raise some much needed funds for the Church only £8 for the cheese and Wine and a pleasant end to hopefully an uplifting service
“Fuller had the five bells in the church’s tower recast and a new treble added. The inscription reads: “The five bells recast and a new treble added at the expense of John Fuller Esq, late member for this county . Anno Domini 1815. In honour of the …illustrious Duke of Wellington, his last six victories are here recorded.
“The five recast bells were given the names of Wellington’s six battles in the Peninsular War:
Tallavera July 27th-28th 1809
Salamanca July 22 1812
Vittoria June 21 1813
Pyrenees July 25-Aug 2 1813
Orthes Feb 27th 1814
“The new treble bell commemorated the victory at Toulouse:
Toulouse Apr 10th 1814
“Two bells were given in 1818, inscribed ‘Waterloo’, so making a peal of eight. One of these was inscribed “This peal of bells was completed Anno Domini 1818 at the expense of John Fuller Esq.”
Many thanks Jenny