Calling all litter-pickers – can you help?

There was an impressive turn-out at the Annual Brightling litter-pick last month, so it’s clearly something people care about. 

One thing that might reduce the amount of litter at source would be if we had a deposit return scheme (DRS) like they do in many other countries. 

The government are now consulting on the scope of a possible DRS; in particular what kinds of containers (plastic, glass, aluminium) should be targeted.

A Rother-based organization called Strandliners is lobbying the government about this, and they are asking for help from local litter-pickers.  Here is their appeal:

The Government’s Environment Bill will be discussed later in the year and part of the discussion will be on deposit return schemes. The consultation period for the deposit return scheme (DRS) ends June 4th 2021 and Strandliners are calling out for all litter picker groups in East Sussex to record all drinking containers (plastic and glass bottles and metal cans) found in the environment. These records can help the Government make the correct decision for the type of the DRS.

All drinking containers (glass, metal, plastic) that are found in hedges, in parks, in streets, along river banks, on beaches do not belong there. If there is to be a value created for each item, there is less chance that they will be lost into the environment. In Europe a 95% success rate has been seen. To know what type of system will work best in England we need to record all found.

I am attaching a poster to help spread the word. Would you be able to share with any groups in your parish?

We have this one chance in May to record all drinking containers, if we don’t and the Government makes a decision on a small number then we may still be seeing plastic, glass and metal drinking containers littering our environment for years to come. Let’s clean up the future by recording now!

Strandliners is a community interest company (since 2018) based in the Rother, East Sussex. Built upon my knowledge and experience working with plastic pollution since 2004, aiming to increase public awareness of the marine environment through community engagement and citizen science.


We sort, identify and record because we need to know what the pollution is in order to drive the effort to reduce it at source. We can then use the evidence to lobby for change. Clearing up is not enough.

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Andy Dinsdale