Broadband update – February 2016

I gave a talk on “Rural Broadband” at the January meeting of RALC (Rother Association of Local Councils) with the result that I am now part of a RALC working party on this topic. Subsequently the working party had a meeting with our local MP, Hugh Merriman, at which we presented some of our findings. He emailed me the next day to say

Thank you for your time in taking Frances and I through the presentation. It was extremely illuminating and gave me an opportunity to learn about the issues and the potential solutions which you listed for me. I was interested in what you presented to me and I am keen to help. We will, shortly, be sending out invites to the Parish Councils for our 2016 Parish conference where I hope to have County, BT and other broadband participants in attendance. I would be keen, as mentioned, to give you a slot. Perhaps we can discuss nearer the time.

I have not heard any further about the Parish Conference, but do watch this space.

I have also contacted the East Sussex County Council broadband team to request details about current and forecast broadband coverage in Brightling. I contacted them on 17th January and – just under 4 weeks later – have not had a reply. Ten days ago I requested our County Councillor if he could chase them up and get a reply. I can only say that extracting hard information on this subject is proving extremely difficult.

A few people have reported back on their broadband experience. At The Street we have speeds of nearly 80Mbps (you lucky people). At Oxleys Green, you are on the cusp of superfast. Further down Brightling Road, the service tails off rapidly. At Holingrove the new service offers little or no improvement over the old service: unfortunately the phone lines to Holingrove go the long way round.