Broadband improvements almost certainly coming to parts of Brightling quite soon

The pictures show fibre optic cable being installed into a pre-existing duct at the top of Rectory Hill, down towards Oxley’s Green, on 14th June 2018 (by a team of Lithuanians, incidentally).  Although it is the policy of East Sussex County Council’s broadband team, in collusion with BT Openreach, to give out only minimal information about future broadband upgrades, I think we can anticipate that FTTP (full-fibre broadband) is coming to Oxley’s Green and (I think) then down Brightling Road, which should bring improvement to some properties which are particularly badly served at the moment.  I expect that properties around Hollingrove will benefit too.  All this should happen this year, possibly as soon as September.

What you can see in the picture is actually the installation of a hollow tube, down which the actual fibre optic cable is eventually pushed (or blown).