Broadband at Brightling – update of 30th June 2015

East Sussex County Council’s rural broadband project (which calls itself the e-Sussex Broadband project) proudly announces a new document with the latest news: “e- Sussex Broadband Rollout. Where and When in East Sussex and Brighton & Hove, as at 30/06/2015.

The document starts promisingly:

The following table sets out the outline plan for proposed rollout of faster broadband in the e – Sussex project area (based on detail available (June  2015). ” 

This is irresistible; naturally one turns at once, fingers trembling with excitement, to the entry for Brightling, which is as follows:


This useful information will I am sure be very welcome by all residents of Brightling, although it would seem that the terms “plan”, “where” and “when” have a special meaning within the e-Sussex project.  In fact on looking through the whole document I find that it wisely avoids as far as possible making any predictions or promises about the future; most of the document is taken up with listing what has already been achieved.