Broadband update January 2019

Some good news as last for those along the eastern part of Brightling Road. You can now upgrade your broadband, not just to superfast, but even to ultrafast (at a price), with maximum download speeds of 330 Mbps (compared to the 1 or 2 that some people along here were getting previously). As far as I can tell, this applies to all properties in postcodes TN32 5EY. TN32 5ES and TN32 5EU.

We had also been told (by East Sussex County Council’s broadband project) that properties in TN32 5HB (near Swallowfield), TN32 5HU (Hollingrove), and TN19 7DL (Brickyard Lane) would go live with ultrafast (FTTP) by the end of December but this has not happened. The official East Sussex broadband website ( is still proudly telling us “work is scheduled to be completed by the end of December 2018.” for properties in these postcodes.

Virtually all the physical infrastructure is in place (look for the little yellow labels on the telegraph poles), so I wouldn’t be surprised if these postcodes get turned on within the next few weeks (perhaps by the time you read this), but who knows? I will attempt to find out more information from the East Sussex Broadband team or via our elected representative Cllr John Barnes MBE, although past experience has shown that John Barnes finds it even harder to extract the information from the county council’s broadband team than I do.

Also by the end of December we were supposed to have found out the broadband plans for those postcodes that have so far been completely left out, ie principally TN32 5HL, TN32 5HL and TN32 5HP (towards and down Willingford Lane) and also TN32 5LE (around Mountfield Park Farm, which is, surprisingly, within Brightling parish). However as far as I can see no information has been released. Again I will chase up, without being over-optimistic.