Brightling’s Brexit policy

People often ask me: “What is Brightling’s position on Brexit?”, and I am happy to make this clear.

In fact Brightling’s policy on Brexit has always been very clear.  We are opposed to both a “hard” and a “soft” Brexit, preferring a position that gets the best of both.

A simple analogy should make this clear.  If you imagine that Brexit was a boiled egg, we would want the white to be nice and hard ( no disgusting watery bits) but the yolk to be soft and runny.

A major advantage of our policy is that it would only take about 4 minutes to implement.  And, unlike the present lot, we wouldn’t make a meal of it – more of a light snack in fact.

We can only hope that the whole country now rallies behind Brightling’s leadership on this matter.  Meanwhile, in the wise words of Siobhan Sharpe of W1A “We are where we are with this guys. And that’s never a good place to be”

Wishing all our readers a happy April 1st.