Brightling telephone exchange takes a leap forward

Brightling’s telephone exchange is in the process of being upgraded under BT’s 21CN (21st century network) programme. Yes, we are finally moving into the 21st century (get over it). I have discovered that my own landline is to be switched over on 2nd February, but other people may get different dates – they don’t necessarily switch over all the lines at the same time. How do I know this? By entering my phone number (without spaces) into the checker at and spotting the “availability date” for WBC ADSL 2+.

Why should I, or anyone else, care about this? The landline phone service will, hopefully, be unaffected, but there will be an effect on broadband speeds. Anyone using the old ADSL (non-fibre) broadband, known as “ADSL Max” should find that they move automatically to the ADSL 2+ service – you don’t need to sign up and your broadband router should switch of its own accord, and in most cases will probably see some improvement in speed. If you get any problems, contact your ISP!

On the subject of broadband, as far as I know Brightling is still in line to get a fibre upgrade in June or September this year – with the main beneficiaries being Brightling Road and the Hollingrove area, so if you live in one of these areas it’s probably worth waiting to see what this upgrade brings before making any new commitment to broadband services. I wish I had more specific information, but the whole East Sussex broadband programme continues to be run in the most secretive way possible, with only tiny scraps of information being released. The latest “roll-out” table issued by East Sussex seems to entirely omit the whole of Brightling Village. No doubt this is an oversight – I have enquired.