Road names in Brightling – an update

Our proposals to correct the naming of roads in Brightling were submitted to the Rother street naming officer (yes there is such a person) in June and are under consideration.

Among other things, this (if it goes through) will split the road currently known to Rother as Hollingrove Road into Hollingrove Hill and Hollingrove Lane. A recent study found that a house on a “Lane” is worth £33,000 more than a house on a “Road”, so that change alone has created at least half a million pounds of additional value (please do not write to point out the obvious logical flaw; clearly the whole calculation is rubbish!)

These changes – if they go through – are unlikely to change anyone’s address. Addresses are a matter for the Post Office and the basic entity being identified by an address is an individual property – a point of delivery for letters. Rother, on the other hand, are naming roads as a whole, not individual properties, for the purposes of maps, notices of road closure and so on. In fact, for most properties in Brightling the official Post Office address does not include the road name at all; they tend to be of the form “Dunroamin, Brightling, Robertsbridge TN32 5XX” – which is fine for the Post Office but not much help in actually finding the place unless you have one of those new-fangled satnav things, and not always even then. The two exceptions are the road from Rectory Hill down to Darwell Hole, which is known to the Post Office as Battle Road Brightling and to Rother as Cackle Street; and the B2096, which is known to the Post Office as Battle Road, Dallington (even the parts that are in Brightling) and to Rother as Battle Road.  Please note we have not proposed any changes to the naming of either of these roads, there being no obvious way to resolve the anomalies.