Brightling Flower Show Saturday July 20th.

Good morning,

As you are all aware the flower show is nearly upon us, so you do not need reminding yet again!

But, please can we appeal for not only your entries and your attendance but also your help? As is tradition we will have a White Elephant stall and the Tombola but for these to be a success we need bits and pieces to sell. If you have any contributions please either contact me or Sharon for the tombola or Joanna for the white elephant. Contact details below.

We also rely on your help for setting up on the Friday (meeting at 10am at the village hall) and the packing up on the Sunday (time to be confirmed) so please if you can spare some time that would be lovely.

We look forward to seeing you on the day and don’t forget to submit your entries in good time to get the cheaper price!

The schedule is on the community website for further details but please contact me if you need further information.

Many thanks, as always.

Jean Wood (Secretary Brightling Flower Show Society)             Jean Wood. 07824 514024

Joanna :