Bridleway to be repaired

Some very good news on the bridleway front: Bridleway 30 is scheduled to undergo major repairs this summer, 2015, which should make it suitable for horse riders once again.

Bridleway 30 is the one that goes from the old car park just above the junction of Kent Lane and Mountfield Lane (the corner below Hunters Farm) through Scaland Wood and comes out just above the new bridge at the bottom of the old gypsum bucket route (see interactive map above).  At present the bridleway is virtually unusable by riders thanks to its very poor condition.  This has caused trouble in the past when riders have been tempted to find their own alternative routes through the wood.

The work will be paid for by East Sussex County Council, who are in the process of obtaining tenders to do the work.  Although we don’t have a definite date yet, this is definitely a summer job.

The repairs will be substantial – basically they will be building a new track, with improved drainage, to a standard which should enable it to function as a bridleway in all seasons and last for many years.  This applies to the part of the bridleway starting at the old car park as far as the old bridge (which will be replaced by a culvert).  From the old bridge to the new bridge (which is not in such bad condition) there will be spot repairs as required; the amount of work done on this part will depend on how much money is left over after doing the first section.

Bridleway30-2015-01-29This represents a success for Brightling Parish Council, who have been campaigning hard for repairs to this bridleway. This culminated in a walk, attended by many parishioners and two representatives from ESCC’s Rights of Way team, on 29th January 2015.  The fact that a number of parishioners turned out for this walk will undoubtedly have raised the profile of this bridleway with ESCC and  helped to secure the funding for this project from what is a fairly tiny overall budget.

We look forward to using the bridleway when the repairs are complete.  The new track will probably look rather stark at first, but nature will soften it and blend it in within a year or two.