Boundary consultation 2016

At the moment, when we vote in local elections, we are part of “Darwell ward” for elections to Rother District Council, and we are part of “Rother North-West” for elections to East Sussex County Council

As far as Brightling is concerned, the local government boundary commission is proposing to change the arrangements at Rother District Council level but to leave things as they are at County Council level.

You can view the Commission’s draft recommendations at:

They are now consulting on their proposed arrangements, and any member of the public may make comments on the proposals.

Follow the above links to have your say.  They have some very nice and informative interactive maps.

Broadly speaking, at the Rother District Council level, our existing “Darwell” ward would be replaced by a new ward called “Burwash and the Weald”, which is similar to the existing Darwell ward but with Netherfield moving in with Battle to create a new ward called Battle, Netherfield and Whatlington.

Brightling Parish Council will be condering these proposed changes at the annual meeting on 9th May, and may decide to make comments.

The closing date for comments is 16 June 2016.  The final decisions will be published in September.

This has nothing to do with the boundaries for parliamentary constituencies, which are handled by a separate commission.