Some readers will know that there were at least two burglaries in the area in the first half of November: one in Dallington and one here in Brightling.  I don’t have access to any official reports on these events, but from what I have heard, in both cases the intruders parked their escape vehicle some way away and approached the properties across fields.  So this is something to be aware of.  And possibly question Insp. Russell about when he attends the next Annual Village Meeting (7:30 pm. Village Hall, Monday 9 April 2018).

Mobile Library and other library changes

Although the mobile library in Brightling can hardly be described as ‘busy’, it is an important part of life for several people and this, (as well as some static libraries in East Sussex are up for discussion as to whether it should be axed.  I have written to John Barnes to highlight how important it is to the social fabric of a village and, also, that as we have no public transport it would lead to increased traffic/parking demands.  Then,  an item popped up about Rother’s plan to invest £560,000 to set up parking enforcement in Battle and then it would cost about another £607,000 per year to run and take 4 years before there is an operational surplus.  The cuts in the library service would save about £653,000 (Council’s estimate) so I have suggested to Mr. Barnes that they perhaps look at the idea of Rother supporting East Sussex Library service and forget about the parking!!  If anyone else agree with me, do make your opinions known to places where it will perhaps make a difference (and not the wastepaper basket).





California calling

Someone called Ramona has sent this message, via the village web site:

Trying to contact ( from California) someone who might be interested in 1785 Rosehill page in family recipe book. Also has a poem in it. We were in Hawkhurst in 1982. My mothers maiden name was Gregson.”

Rosehill (or Rose Hill) is of course the former name of Brightling Park. If anyone wants to respond to this message, let me know and I will pass it on.

Stand up for East Sussex

East Sussex County Council is petitioning the Prime Minister for more money and they want you to sign their (on-line) petition. See web page for more details and how to sign the petition.

They say

“We are asking the people of East Sussex to sign our petition which calls on the Government to give our county a fairer deal. East Sussex has made savings of £112 million since the start of the decade. That would have been enough to pay for the annual care of 5,600 vulnerable people or to fix 2 million potholes. Our petition to the Prime Minister calls for an urgent re-think about the resources it gives to East Sussex and the real difficulties that cuts in funding mean for many people who live here. We’re also asking for more power over the decisions which affect us, from where to invest in transport to how to help people get the skills they need for good jobs and higher wages.”

This website does not of course, advise you one way or the other whether you should sign this: we merely signpost that it is there if you want it.

Parking in the Rother District

At the moment you can, within reason, park where you like on the roads in Battle, with little or no chance of being fined. Parking enforcement is the responsibility of the police, who make no secret of the fact that they do not have the time and will not be doing it. You will only be in trouble if you park somewhere that is actually dangerous, or on private land.

The consequences of this lack of enforcement have been an issue for many years. A working party of Rother District Council is now looking into the idea of moving to “Civil Parking Enforcement.” No decisions have yet been made, but the sort of thing that might happen is that Rother would employ parking wardens and “pay and display” machines would be installed in places such as Battle High Street.

Our own district councillor, John Barnes MBE, is a member of the working group, called the “Civil Parking Enforcement Task and Finish Group.” I have scanned the minutes of their meeting on 5th October, and salient points to emerge are that the scheme would cost £560,000 to set up and £607,000 per year to run. It would not produce a profit (“operational surplus”) until year 4 of operation.

There is to be a meeting of “stakeholders” on 29th November to discuss the ideas, but I think that stakeholders does not mean members of the public but just organizations that are deemed to have an interest. You can of course lobby John Barnes with your views. Full information can be found at

Flower Show AGM 2017

Jean Wood writes:
Just a gentle reminder that we would love to see you on Thursday November 9th at 7pm for the Brightling Flower Show AGM in the village hall. Following a hugely successful show this year David [Rogers] and I are keen to keep up the momentum and would welcome your observations and suggestions for 2018. Following in Victoria’s footsteps the Chairman will provide wine and nibbles to help us get started! If there are any particular points that you would like to raise please email me with agenda items.  Email  Looking forward to seeing you, please come!
The Flower Show is one of Brightling’s greatest institutions and is always looking for fresh ideas and input.  Do please show your support by coming to the AGM.

East Sussex libraries consultation – likely closure of the mobile library service

ESCC are consulting about the future of the library service. You have until 17 December to submit your views: see for details of how to take part.

This includes proposals to close the mobile library service.

I fear that the mobile library service may not survive, whatever anyone says in the consultation, but there are some interesting ideas to offset the closure. For example, as a community, we could borrow a larger number of books for a longer period and then “sub-lend” them from the Village Hall.