Brightling bell-ringers open afternoon Saturday 1st June 2019 2:00 to 4:00 pm

The bell-ringers of Brightling

Brighling Bell-ringers has several vacancies for additional bell-ringers.

In an effort to spread the word that we need more ringers and to give people the opportunity to see the bells being rung – and show how much fun it can be – we are holding an open afternoon from 2 to 5pm on Saturday 1st June.

Ringing bells is a wonderful thing to do and doesn’t require you to have any particular skills, just a willingness to learn. It’s availble to people of all ages and with some initial weekly training followed by regular practise you can quite quickly master the basics of ringing in a team.

At Brightling we don’t currently ring for Sunday services and you don’t have to be a churchgoer so the committment is simply to come along one evening a week for practise so that when there is a special occasion we can put together a team of at least 6 ringers.

If you’re an experienced ringer please consider coming along on a Thursday evening (at 7:15 pm) to try us out.

We’re a very friendly group who will make you feel most welcome. We’re trying hard to keep a tradition going that is unique to Britain and is experiencing a resurgence in popularity alongside other artisan skills. We hope lots of people will be attracted to our open day and be tempted to give it a go!

Sadly there were only 3 church bells rung at Brightling on Easter Sunday morning this year. The church has 8 lovely bells and we would really like to be ringing at least 6 of them to celebrate Easter, Christmas and weddings.

Contact Chris lever on 07875 701398 or Chris Holden on 07871 187057