Annual Parish Meeting 2019

This was held on Monday 8th April and was quite well-attended although I think numbers were down a bit on the previous year. Those who did attend got a glass or two of wine, or soft drink, some high quality nibbles to nibble, and a really good opportunity to natter to their neighbours and fellow-parishioners.

After the nibbling and nattering we had a talk from Inspector Jonny Hartley of Sussex Police and he dealt with a number of questions from his audience, particularly about the difficulties of communicating with the police. Whether one would be happy with his answers I had best leave to others to judge.

Then we had an informative talk from our tree warden, Mr Doug Edworthy, about the formation of the “Brightling Tree Group”, with the aim of properly investigating and documenting the woods and trees of the parish, and also about Poppy, the rare female black poplar, who is thriving but will soon be yearning for a mate. (Unlike the majority of tree species, the black poplar is dioeceous. meaning that individual trees are either wholly male or wholly female, and – without going into the gory details – you need one of each to get fertile seed. Fertilization is by wind, so the male needs to be within reasonable distance of the female).