Annual Assembly 2018

The Annual assembly, or parish meeting, on Monday 9th April 2018 was well-attended (over 30 people, and a slight increase on last year). We heard from Inspector Dan Russell of Sussex Police about the changing nature of policing and how it affects communities like ours. “Traditional” crimes are in (relative) decline; the clever criminals of today are taking our money through fraud and scams. It says something that the police’s excellent publication “The Little Book of Big Scams” (which you can read and download here) is already on its 3rd edition. You may think that you yourself are too smart to be taken in – but have you got a vulnerable neighbour?

There was a talk from our local Community First Responders (CFRs) – Gary and Juliet. If you need an emergency ambulance, it will come from the Conquest (or possibly from Eastbourne), but most likely a CFR from Burwash or Hurst Green will reach you before the ambulance does, and sometimes this first response does literally save a life. This is an incredibly worthwhile thing to do, and with more volunteers they could reach people even faster, and perhaps save more lives.  To find out more, contact Gary Spray on

Jane Beard gave an update on the Dark Skies initiative, and Henry Grissell talked about the need for repairs to Jack Fuller’s pyramid, in the churchyard. At a casual glance, the pyramid looks in acceptable condition, but if you look more closely substantial repairs are needed for its long-term future. The best cost quote was £46,000, which is clearly beyond the resources of the parish, so funding needs to be sought from a wider area. I am sure we will hear more about this in future.

I gave a short report on the work of the Parish Council over the year, and written reports were circulated from a large number of village organizations: the Village Hall, the Village Trust, the Churchwardens, the Cricket Club, Darwell Area Conservation Society, the Flower Show, the Messenger Magazine, the Stoolball Club, Rother District Council, and East Sussex County Council. These reports will be available here on the village website in the near future.