Finger posts update

The rusty after-effect of stapling things to a signpost. Please don't do ths!
The rusty after-effect of stapling things to a signpost. Please don’t do ths!

We have decided to ask contractors for fresh quotes for refurbishing the four remaning un-refurbished finger posts (the three round the observatory plus the one at the top of Rectory Hill). This is slightly back to the drawing board – quotations have a time limit, and the fingerposts may have deteriorated since we originally inspected them. Somewhat slow progress, but we will persist.

Village community web site

Do please share the news about the new web site here at  It doesn’t seem to be showing up in web searches yet but I think that that will probably improve over time, particularly if we continue to put good quality content up there.

Over the next month I will be calling a meeting of interested people to work out how we can ensure that the new web site really does become a focal point for the community – a vibrant and active place that Brightlingers go to when they want to find out what’s on, and to contribute their own information: the parish pump for the internet age.  If you would like to take part in this meeting, do contact me – you can leave a reply in the box below.

You can also become a “follower” of the parish blog – just click on the “Follow” button.  Then you’ll get an email whenever there is a new post.  At the time of writing there are 3 followers – hopefully we will see many more in the future!

Another thing you can do is to add comments of your own to any page on the site.  Just use the “Leave a reply” box.

Incidentally, whenever I search for Brightling, Google asks me “Did you mean: breitling”, which is beginning to make me think that the easiest thing might be to change the spelling of the village’s name, (recalling the Viz Top Tip: “Save money on expensive personalised car number plates by simply changing your name to match your existing plate – Mr KVL 741Y”)

Traffic on our roads: What’s to be done?

DSC03618 (NXPowerLite Copy)(1)As part of the Action Plan for Brightling, the parish council is investigating best practice in reducing the risk and damage from traffic on our village and rural roads. We would like to convene a small team of residents to help with this work. Continue reading Traffic on our roads: What’s to be done?

Broadband update

From slow progress to no progress. I look forward to the day when I can stop writing about broadband in this blog, but basically, although we have made a tiny bit of progress in terms of information, there is no progress at all in terms of getting something done.

The scrutiny committee that ESCC set up in March to look into rural broadband is scheduled to report in November. However, it has not yet, as far as I can find out, held any meetings or taken any evidence.

I have officially been told, under Freedom of Information, that the e-Sussex broadband project do not have any analysis of broadband speeds in Brightling, or indeed any other parish (not for the past, not for the present, and no future projections either) or any other sub-division of the county. They simply have data for the whole of the East Sussex intervention area. They have not analyzed this data to determine the relative impact on more rural areas, and do not intend to do so.

The MP’s promised conference on the subject, originally scheduled for March 2016, still has no date. You can quickly see everything that our MP has ever said in parliament about broadband. I promise you it doesn’t take long to read.

There may be some good news to come in the future. As previously mentioned in this column the totality of the currently available information about the benefits of contract 2 is that it ” will upgrade speeds for 5,000 premises [across East Sussex]”.   There is no information to quantify the phrase “upgrade speeds” or identify the 5,000 premises, or the criteria by which they will be chosen.  However, we are told “The first contractual milestone (which will be formally reported to us [the ESCC broadband team] at the end of July) will confirm the first area(s) for delivery and we will publish more information then.”

So by the time you read this, there may be some more information available. I can’t wait.

Brightling Flower Show needs you!

Flower Show 2016 PosterWe are looking for volunteers to help with the children’s games at the Flower Show on 23rd July No experience needed to man Splat the Rat or the Key Game but if you could spare half an hour to help out we would be very grateful!

It has been a fantastic growing season with so much rain so I am attaching a copy of the Schedule in the hope that this year you will be entering at least one thing, and hopfully more, into the competition this year.

Please email if you can help.  We are also taking email entries.

Message from Victoria Fraser
victoria_c_fraser [at]


Free beer and wine Wednesday 13 July at 6.00pm

Message from Nicola / Henry

Dear All,

Its that time of year again – Annual Church and Churchyard tidy up.  We hope as many people as possible will come and I anticipate it will take about an hour. Afterwards we will have a drink in the churchyard to celebrate a good job.

Wednesday 13 July at 6.00pm.

The following jobs need doing:

 Inside the Church:

Polish the floor with the machine
Polish pews
Cobwebs (Long brush needed)
Clean out chest of drawers near organ
Tidy up Tower
Clean and polish gallery.

Outside Church:

Tidy up porch and clean outer door
Cut box hedge. I have an extension lead, but we need an electric hedge cutter
Clear 3 blocked downpipes. I will bring a ladder.
Strim where necessary.
Weed killer path
Any other jobs that becomes apparent.

Please let us know what tools you may be bringing. E.g. we only need one hedge cuter and one knapsack sprayer with weed killer.

Kind regards

Henry Grissell