Signposts – progress at last!


At last, there is something positive to report. The signpost at Twelve Oaks (also known as Cock and Hen) is now fully recovered from its recent operation and is back on duty looking very upright and smart, and clearly showing the way to Mountfield (should anyone take it into their head to want to go there for some reason).

The signpost at Oxleys Green was done at the same time and is also looking very smart.

Financially, we can only do two signposts per year, so that’s it now until our next financial year.

Another volunteer has come forward for the “adopt a signpost” scheme so we should have most of them covered. We will be in touch with the volunteers soon, to get the whole thing of the ground. Meanwhile the three signposts near the observatory and the one at the top of Rectory Hill are still looking for that special person in their lives.

East Sussex County Council budget consultations

east-sussex-logoIt is no secret that county council budgets are being slashed as a result of reduction in central Government funding.  East Sussex County Council is running two consultations on the effect of this.  The links below take you straight through to the consultation pages.  There is lots of information there.

The first one is The future budget of East Sussex County CouncilWe expect that there’ll be at least £70 million less to spend each year on services in East Sussex in future. Soon things in East Sussex are going to look very different.”  That is very plain speaking.  This consultation closes on 24th November 2015.

Arising out of that one, the second consultation is Tough budget decisions – adult social care savingsWe will have £40 million less to spend on adult social care services by March 2019. This is in addition to the £28 million that we have already saved from these services since 2013.  We want your views on how we are proposing to make the savings.”  Whatever your views on the rights and wrongs of this, these are huge cuts.  The closing date for this consultation is 18th December 2015.

Have your say.  You can keep an eye on future ESCC consultations from the main ESCC consultation page (

Sussex Policing costs – consultation

Horsham-Farmers-Market-006-300x225Here is another consultation that Brightlingers may want to be aware of.  It reached me in the form of a message from Katy Bourne, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex (our police force covers East and West Sussex) as follows:

One of the responsibilities of Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) is to set the budget for policing.

A small proportion of the cost of policing is paid from your council tax with the rest coming directly from Government. This  local council tax element is called the precept, and it is set by the locally elected Police and Crime Commissioner [ie Katy Bourne for Sussex].

The Sussex PCC is currently consulting with residents to find out if they would be prepared to pay an additional amount, per household, to enable investment in two priority areas:

  1. Protecting children and vulnerable adults in Sussex from exploitation and abuse.
  2. Digital forensic capability to retrieve, analyse and store information held on computers, mobiles and tablets.

Details of the proposed extra spending, and a link enabling you to take part in the consultation, are here.  The consultation remains open until Friday 8th January 2016.

I have done the consultation myself and I can say that it is very short and quick.  Have your say.