Bridleway 30 now fully open

As of this afternoon, Bridleway 30 is now officially open for horses.

See this previous post for details of where Bridleway 30 is, and why we wanted it fixed.

This is a definite result for the Parish Council and our campaign to get this bridleway usable again.

I understand that the total cost was around £19,000.  This comes from East Sussex County Council’s budget.



Defibrillator – demonstration at Village Market on Saturday 27th September 2015

The recently acquired defibrillator, mounted outside the entrance to the Village Hall
The recently acquired defibrillator, mounted outside the entrance to the Village Hall

There will be another demonstration of the defibrillator, and an opportunity to find out more about it, at the September Village Market (10 to 12, Saturday 26th September).

As mentioned before, you can use it quite safely without any training – in an emergency do not hesitate; every second counts.

Possible keep-fit classes

Message from Nicola:

Linda Free has asked me to send out an email as she is thinking of starting up her Keep Fit in Brightling Village Hall again and would like to try and gauge who might be interested in joining her. It would be £3 per half hour drop in session payable on the day. At this stage she is wanting to know who is interested and what days / times suit them best. The suggestion at the moment is one morning session, maybe at 10am and one evening session at 7pm, the days to be organised depending on a consensus of people’s preferences.

If you are interested please could you email Linda direct on:

Brightling Flower Show AGM – Monday 28th September 2015 in the Village Hall

Message from Nicola / Victoria:

The Flower Show AGM will be held at Brightling VillaFlowerShowLogoge Hall on Monday 28th September at 7.30pm. I do hope you will be able to come with any ideas for improvements and innovations for next year’s show, and to hear how things went this time.