Brightling Park Music Festival – a message from Gardie

As no doubt you have realised we are holding a music festival in the old walled garden in Brightling Park on the 18th & 19th July. It should be a really fun weekend. We have 7 bands playing. Four on each day finishing at 10.45pm. The headline act is a band called Off The Wall arguably the best Pink Floyd tribute band in the country. They will be playing on both nights. The music is basically 1970 and 80’s popular music.

MusicFestival2015We are offering the residents of Brightling tickets with 50% off. If you would like to attend just buy your tickets on line at then go back to the home page and log into “Contact Us” and fill in the form with a message saying you live in Brightling and we will return 50% of what you have spent.

If you do not wish to attend we sincerely hope that you will not put to any inconvenience as we are very conscious not to disturb anyone”.

Gardie Grissell
Brightling Park
East Sussex
TN32 5HH

01424 838241
07787 843277 at Brightling Park on 18th-19th July 2015

Choral evensong at Brightling church Sunday 21st June 2015

stamp.phpIn addition to Jenny’s message below, please be informed that if you wish to join in – ie come and sing along with the choir – you are welcome to do so if you turn up to the rehearsal which starts in the church at 3:30pm. For non-participants, it starts at 6:00pm

I would give the name of the choir but I haven’t been able to come up with that information.

Here is Jenny’s message:

Waterloo celebrations continue in Brightling on Sunday 6pm. Peels of the church bells, donated by Jack Fuller will be rung, choral evensong will be followed by cheese and wine in the Village Hall. All are welcome to raise some much needed funds for the Church only £8 for the cheese and Wine and a pleasant end to hopefully an uplifting service
“Fuller had the five bells in the church’s tower recast and a new treble added. The inscription reads: “The five bells recast and a new treble added at the expense of John Fuller Esq, late member for this county . Anno Domini 1815. In honour of the …illustrious Duke of Wellington, his last six victories are here recorded.
“The five recast bells were given the names of Wellington’s six battles in the Peninsular War:
Tallavera July 27th-28th 1809
Salamanca July 22 1812
Vittoria June 21 1813
Pyrenees July 25-Aug 2 1813
Orthes Feb 27th 1814
“The new treble bell commemorated the victory at Toulouse:
Toulouse Apr 10th 1814
“Two bells were given in 1818, inscribed ‘Waterloo’, so making a peal of eight. One of these was inscribed “This peal of bells was completed Anno Domini 1818 at the expense of John Fuller Esq.”
Many thanks Jenny

Bridleway to be repaired

Some very good news on the bridleway front: Bridleway 30 is scheduled to undergo major repairs this summer, 2015, which should make it suitable for horse riders once again.

Bridleway 30 is the one that goes from the old car park just above the junction of Kent Lane and Mountfield Lane (the corner below Hunters Farm) through Scaland Wood and comes out just above the new bridge at the bottom of the old gypsum bucket route (see interactive map above).  At present the bridleway is virtually unusable by riders thanks to its very poor condition.  This has caused trouble in the past when riders have been tempted to find their own alternative routes through the wood.

The work will be paid for by East Sussex County Council, who are in the process of obtaining tenders to do the work.  Although we don’t have a definite date yet, this is definitely a summer job.

The repairs will be substantial – basically they will be building a new track, with improved drainage, to a standard which should enable it to function as a bridleway in all seasons and last for many years.  This applies to the part of the bridleway starting at the old car park as far as the old bridge (which will be replaced by a culvert).  From the old bridge to the new bridge (which is not in such bad condition) there will be spot repairs as required; the amount of work done on this part will depend on how much money is left over after doing the first section.

Bridleway30-2015-01-29This represents a success for Brightling Parish Council, who have been campaigning hard for repairs to this bridleway. This culminated in a walk, attended by many parishioners and two representatives from ESCC’s Rights of Way team, on 29th January 2015.  The fact that a number of parishioners turned out for this walk will undoubtedly have raised the profile of this bridleway with ESCC and  helped to secure the funding for this project from what is a fairly tiny overall budget.

We look forward to using the bridleway when the repairs are complete.  The new track will probably look rather stark at first, but nature will soften it and blend it in within a year or two.

Parish Council meeting on 18th May 2015

At the first meeting of the new Parish Council the following appointments were made: Andrew Wedmore (chairman), Chris French (vice-chairman).

The group that scrutinizes planning applications is led by Chris French, with David Gasson and Andrew Wedmore as other members.

Jane Oxenford was appointed as Village Hall committee representative.

Bill Vorley was chosen to be co-opted onto the parish council to fill the one vacancy. We look forward to having Bill on board.

Big Brightling Church clean party Monday 8th June 2015

stamp.phpMessage from Henry Grissel:

Churchyard jobs that need doing are:

1. Spray path for weeds,
2. Spray stinging nettles.
3.Saw up branch beneath cypress tree and remove for firewood. Needs someone with a chainsaw.
4.Cut back any overhanging branches from wall and War Memorial.
5. Remove drain covers and clear drains
6.Make sure concrete gutter round the outside of the church is clear.
7. Anything else that needs doing.

Inside church clean – polishing, cobwebs etc. ready for Waterloo celebrations and wedding season

If we have enough people this should take about 1 hour. Drinks and nibbles if you have worked hard enough at approx 7.00pm.

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Signpost at Twelve Oaks (Cock and Hen)

Signpost at Twelve Oaks
Signpost at Twelve Oaks

The fingerpost at Twelve Oaks (Cock and Hen) has suffered the indignity of having one of its arms drop off. (Unlike Greek statues, we do prefer our signposts to have a full set of arms).

At our first meeting on 18th May 2015, Brightling Parish Council resolved to put the repair in hand.  We also resolved to replace the signpost at Oxleys Green, which is beyond repair.  The parish clerk has instructed our chosen contractor to go ahead with the work.

In the long run, as I have mentioned before, we want to have a rolling programme of refurbishment so that signposts are repaired before they get to this point.  Each year, East Sussex County Council will give us a 50% subsidy for work on the signposts, to a maximum of two per year.  So that is our two for this year – the rest will have to wait until May 2016.

NB the missing arm at Twelve Oaks has been taken into safe custody by Caroline Croft until the repair takes place; it is not lost.