Rounden Wood bridleway – update

A belated update on the Rounden Wood bridleway.  First to recap: the new track put in by the Bruderhof for the purpose of timber extraction was surfaced with hardcore which contained a certain amount of contamination with articles (eg broken glass).  This new track partly overlapped the bridleway and there was a concern that the surface as a result was not suitable for horses (nor cyclists).

I am pleased to say that at the beginning of April the affected part of the bridleway was topped – at the Bruderhof’s expense – with a good layer of crushed stone which looks a lot more suitable.

We are grateful that this has now been sorted out, and thanks are also due to the East Sussex Rights of Way team for their persistence in following up this issue.


Rother District Council – 2015 election results for Darwell Ward

Eleanor Kirby-Green - one of the two Rother District Councillors for Darwell Ward
Eleanor Kirby-Green – one of the two Rother District Councillors for Darwell Ward

Following the local election on 7th May 2015, the elected Rother District Councillors for Darwell Ward (which includes Brightling) are Eleanor Kirby-Green (Con) and Emily Rowlinson (Con).

Eleanor Kirby-Green was first elected in a by-election in June 2014 and has been a regular attender at Brightling Parish Council meetings since then.

Contact details for Eleanor Kirby-Green are here.  At the time of writing, Rother have not yet updated their web site with contact details for Emily Rowlinson.

The full 2015 election results for the whole of Rother District Council are here.

Does the election result make a second runway at Gatwick more likely?

PlaneLanding-AirQualityA press release from the Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign evaluates the impact of the election on the prospects for a second runway at Gatwick. They say:

“All eleven MPs elected for the constituencies around Gatwick are opposed to a second runway. Most significant is the result from the marginal seat of Crawley (where a high proportion of the residents are employed directly or indirectly at the airport) – a dramatic win for the Conservative anti-runway candidate, the MP Henry Smith, but defeat for the pro-runway Labour candidate.

“According to Brendon Sewill, GACC chairman: ‘This solid bloc of eleven anti-runway MPs will make it difficult for the new Government to push through a new Gatwick runway without the support of some minor Parties but the Lib Dems, UKIP and the Greens are all opposed.’

“Another reason why a Gatwick runway looks less likely is the surprise announcement on polling day by the Airports Commission that they are to hold another consultation – on air quality. This is obviously the result of the decision by the Supreme Court that the UK must implement the EU limits on air quality. That would seem to rule out a third Heathrow runway, but it may also rule out a Gatwick runway. The EU law states that ‘Air quality status should be maintained where it is already good, or improved.’”

The main consultation period on airport expansion is now over, but the air quality consultation is open until 29th May 2015.

Most commentators seem to think that the air quality consultation raises significant problems for the building of a new runway at Heathrow and much fewer for Gatwick – in other words it makes the new runway more likely to come to Gatwick, and from glancing into the 206-page air quality report (accessible at the above web site), I would say that those commentators are probably right. Of course everyone can read the report and make up their own minds. Air quality will be only one of many factors in the eventual decision.

The airport commission’s report and recommendation was expected to be published in “the summer of 2015” – I don’t know if the air quality consultation will push this date back.

Village Hall re-launch celebration – Friday 5th June 2015 from 6:00pm

The hall showing new lighting, polished floor, new bar area etc
The hall showing new lighting, polished floor, new bar area etc

A message from the Village Hall committee:

Come and help us celebrate the newly refurbished village hall on Friday 5th June by dropping in for a drink any time from 6pm-11pm or, if you’d like to make an evening of it, stay for supper.
We are offering a choice of:
Griddled salmon, salad & jacket potato  £8
Griddled steak, salad & jacket potato £10
If you’d like supper, please book in advance – before  Wednesday 3rd June.  It would help our chef if you would let us know roughly what time you’d like to eat (between 7pm & 8.30pm) and your choice of salmon or steak.
To make a supper reservation or for more information please contact Jane or Geoffrey Beard on 01424 838352 or email
We hope to see you on 5th June.
Brightling Village Hall Committee